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Produce season freight
According to the DAT North American Freight Index, spot market freight volume typically rises about 30% in the spring and peaks in April.
Truck transporting oranges in California, United States.
Produce shipping volumes determine the level of demand for transportation. According the DAT Freight Index (below), 2018 is off to a healthy start.
... freight marketplace in the trucking industry, with more than 179 million loads and trucks posted annually, plus insights into current spot market and ...
Challenges of Shipping Fresh Produce
produce season 2018
Darker-colored states have higher load-to-truck ratios, meaning that there's less competition for reefer loads in those states.
Delivering a bad load of produce to market does not fare well for all involved. The trucking company and the shipper should communicate regularly discuss ...
What is produce season?
Shipping Fresh Produce: What You Need to Know
A truck is loaded for delivery at the Stemilt Growers packing facility in Wenatchee, Wash
Weekly Market Update: Volumes take a pause for Easter
There are plenty of trucks available to haul freight, though the produce season will tighten capacity — especially refrigerated truck capacity — and push up ...
California Cherry Shippers Looking at Big Rebound from 2018 Season
Produce shipments have picked up steam in Florida and Georgia. For the sake of variety, I didn't include Lakeland, FL, in this list, but it's number 3 for ...
Competition for van loads has been pretty fierce, and that's kept rates pretty low for the most part. Produce season is keeping a lot more reefer trucks ...
Jessica Cederquist
Four Seasons Produce Announces Warehouse Expansion and New Website
LTL Freight - temeprature-controlled freight carriers
Produce growers and buyers say shipping costs have skyrocketed since ELD law took effect
Blueberry – aka Blues - season begins in late June and lasts through September with both ocean and air freight shipments. CFI moves Oregon and Michigan ...
An intermodal freight train.
Our Commitment
Heavy crossings of imported Mexican produce into the leading border areas of Texas' Lower Rio Grande Valley and Nogales, AZ are continuing before a seasonal ...
Shippers work hard to know ahead of time how freight needs to move and find capacity with trucking companies. One misstep in this area and freshness levels ...
Is air freight still a viable option for transporting fresh fruit and vegetables?
Swedish Grocery Store Grows Produce On-site with Freight Farms
Listen to a podcast with Stewart Lapage director of transportation, @OppyProduce to hear more. #freshproduce #logistics #transportation ...
Produce Freight Broker Company
The ELD Mandate and Fresh Produce Logistics: What Shippers Need to Know - Transportfolio
Federal DOT petitioned to modify rules for trucking of perishable produce
Buffalo Valley Produce Auction Inc.
California produce season concerns.
Cold snap saps some heat from US truck spot market. JOC Trucking Logistics
Rail freight train
Tropical fruit grower, packer and shipper WP Produce, Miami, is kicking off its 2019 season with green-skinned avocado varieties to be available the year ...
Allen Lund Company Announces Indianapolis Office
Bill's Produce Griffith Indiana | Produce, Freight, and Warehousing, | Freight
Vero rolls out LTL service for produce, perishable cargo
Indianapolis: Thriving Produce Capital
Doug's Produce Trucking's photo.
Pilot Begins a Fruitful Cherry Shipping Season
Jacana Produce on Twitter: "NEW STOCK: South Africa Kumquats 2KG New Season - Air Freight… "
The Ins and Outs of Refrigerated Shipping
Truck Arriving to Yard
Strong reefer volumes and pricing from the Southeast and West signal the start of spring produce season. Those are typically spot market moves, ...
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Here at United Fruit and Produce, we are your alternative to freight consolidators. You can call on us if you need freight for partial loads or full loads ...
Freight Matters: Delivering Fresh Produce to You
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A Shipper's Guide to Produce Season #shippers #freight.
Produce Shipping
Cool Rail's fresh produce service lowers emissions
Cargo Insurance “all-risk” policy now covers chilled produce, certain packaged, frozen goods
Extend the Growing Season: Freight Farms enables farmers to grow fresh food year-round regardless of where they live. Using hydroponics eliminates climate ...
For grocery stores to successfully ship these produce items, refrigerated shipping is necessary so that the products don't spoil and go bad along their ...
Freight Farms are shipping containers modified to grow stacks of hydroponic plants and vegetables — anywhere
During transportation, they are not only exposed to light and extreme temperatures, which release their important nutrients, sometimes they are also ...
If the weather trend continues it soon will be threatening the Florida spring shipping season that typically peaks ...
How Rejected Freight Can Feed the Homeless
Freight Shipping in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
The air freight landscape has experienced some dramatic shifts in recent years. In fact, those events seem likely to produce some headwinds for air freight ...
How shipping containers are making fresh local produce a reality during bitter winters
California Produce Freight Rates Have Been A Little Soft
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There are still differences of opinion among stakeholders regarding the equity of the proposed system for the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.
Commercial forecast and expected volumes for the current blueberry season
Produce Transportation Company
Michigan Produce Haulers
That bowl of guacamole on Cinco de Mayo will be more expensive this year, as avocado prices rise to a record on surging demand and a smaller crop in Mexico ...
Monthly average rates per mile on the spot market declined seasonally as produce season wound down in California.
Ocean freight business growing for fresh produce
Even having done a test freight schedule through their logistics company for comparison, she says from India to Vancouver it would take about 58 days to ...
Border agents report record fentanyl haul hidden in truckload of Mexican produce
We also provide direct drop shipments from Growers to our larger customers. This direct technique guarantees a fresher product at a lower cost to your store ...
Produce Trucking ...
I've been asked several times recently why produce rates from several areas around the country, including California, have declined in recent weeks.
Panama's new toll structure could produce savings for carriers
Wan Hai evolves fresh produce shipping sector
Jacana Produce
Del Monte Fresh Produce to build 6 new energy efficient container vessels to service ocean transportation lanes
A forklift loads short containers carrying produce onto a seasonal freight train in Furano on Sept. 30, 2006. The one-track container terminal in Furano ...
Allen Lund Company's Nora Trueblood Discusses the Produce Industry's Necessity for Transportation